Data services - recommendations

So…. In regards to buying list. Data Tree wanted me to sign an annual contract, and I’ve seen a couple of post where people were not happy with what the received from prop stream. So what other data services are out there that provide good information? I’m new and I’m looking at delinquent tax list so I’m trying to determine if I should keep going through the motions with the assessors office because of the reliable list but long wait + labor intensive for me. Or if there is a paid service that have info that is just as reliable?

You can get Data tree data from without a yearly contract. You can also check out other providers like land vision but other places also have contract requirements.

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@jt I tried that link and it doesn’t work. What is the name of the website?

@shavonbogan Woops!

Aside from PRYCD, you could also try PropertyRadar.

I just started using them recently and it seems like a pretty good alternative to DataTree (and while I don’t know this for sure… I think they get a lot of their data from the same source as DataTree, but without requiring an annual commitment).

You can see how it works in these videos: