Delinquent tax list VS all owners

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I've done some deals using delinquent tax lists and postcards. I'm looking to scale up and I was wondering if it might be worth mailing all the owners in my target area rather than just those behind on their taxes. My overall deal rate is about 0.10%, but the main issue is that my campaigns only end up being a few hundred postcards once I've filtered out all the non delinquent properties in a county. I also feel that the delinquent lists may exclude other kinds of motivated sellers that aren't behind on their taxes.

What kinds of results are you seeing with delinquent lists vs non delinquent properties? What do you think is the best type of list to use?

Absolutely. The delinquent tax list is a good place to start because of the lower cost (usually) and higher density of motivated sellers, but if you really want to scale up, it’ll hard to hit large quantities of people if you’re only sticking to this source of data forever. It definitely works, but it has it’s limitations too.

I would also agree that you’re probably missing some opportunities from those who are current on their taxes but still ready to sell for cheap.

Here are a couple other list sources worth considering... (DataTree) (AgentPro247)

The last 6 properties I have bought were all from owners not behind on taxes.

Personally i mail based on area (like zip code) and use s percentage of the tax value of the property for the offer.

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I agree that the delinquent tax list is an excellent place to start because of the lower cost. But at the same time, for a successful and productive perspective, you need to understand this process more profound and consider a wider audience. More than that, there are some limits and restrictions which you should know in advance. For all the questions linked with tax relief, better address directly professionals who work with this every day and know the reverse side and the consequences of such transactions. They can advise you best opportunities that we even never knew.