Delinquent Tax Lists W/O Assessed Values

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Not sure if this particular subject has been covered explicitly in the past. I recently got my first delinquent tax list and am in the process of sorting through it now. It does not have the assessed values of each parcel listed. I am concerned about sending offers to parcels that might be out of my price range. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how I should precede. My plan at the moment was to cap my options based on acreage and hope for the best.

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@isaakberry I think using the acreage could be a decent way to get the job done.

Remember, even when you do have assessed values, those still won’t tell you the whole story.

In my first couple of years working with delinquent tax lists, I would send mail to literally every person on the list who appeared to be an absentee owner. As a result, I would get calls back on some houses and other types of properties I wasn’t trying to pursue, and it did waste some time, but it wasn’t a huge problem either (I still got plenty of deals on the right kinds of properties at the end of the day).

Even if you do get a call back on a property way outside your price range, you can still make them an offer and try to assign the contract. There are lots of land investors looking for those bigger deals right now, so even if it’s out of your budget, it could be a great way to make money selling the paper.

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As always, thanks for the constructive feedback.

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