Deploying Manufactured Housing As Apartments

Rents are up 30% in the 50 largest markets according to redfin with the median rent at $ 2,032. This is pretty hellatious to say the least. Since manufactured housing is the least expensive form, why not deploy it as rental units, passing on the savings to the renter ? In fact why not put multiple apartments on a single wide trailer chassis ? This gives you an economy of scale in toting the trailer out to the lot, setting it up, and produces more cash flow per pad. I have designed such a single wide around 74’ x 18’ with four units each with kitchenette, full bath, laundry and king bed. If you are a manufacturer or a mobile home park owner I would love to chat :slightly_smiling_face:

@mhtipster any pictures? I wonder what they look like. I saw something on TV a couple years ago about multi-story apt buildings that were mostly made of single-wide-type pre-fab units. Sounds like the kind of thing this country desperately needs right now.

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