Determining Whether a Market fits Your Budget

Hello all, first time poster here. Getting very intrigued by this land investing idea, and getting close to making the 24 month commitment Seth talks about.

As I start to do some market research, I’m wondering how I know if a market is too expensive for my budget. Provided everything else about the county checks out, how do you know if there’s enough properties there in your price range to make a mailing worth it?



@maz one way would be to simply filter down a list with a tool like DataTree or PropStream. Put in all the filtering criteria you need to narrow down your list and be sure to narrow it down based on value. You could also just filter the list by size and back into the value by checking out websites like Zillow or LandsofAmerica to figure out what different sizes are worth.

If it’s showing you enough results to send out a decent campaign (1,000 or more), then there’s probably enough to support what you’re looking for.

I will say, this can be a little deceiving if the data service misunderstands what you’re trying to filter (sometimes their database won’t actually have all the data available, even if they give you a filtering option to use)… so I would suggest trying not to use too many filtering options, so you don’t inadvertently screen out more properties than you really need to.