Direct Mail, Now?

I’m about to send out my 3rd mailer. Do any of you think I should now, or wait until first of the year? What do you all think the pros or cons of either choice are?

I think I’m wanting to send just because I want to get that first deal done so bad. Haven’t gotten a deal from my first two mailers, yet. Here, in NC, you have to close with an attorney. It’s $550, for an all-cash closing, at the attorney I will use. So, those smaller deals, I pass on them. Maybe, I’ve passed up some I could have done. My offers are, definitely, low, though. Maybe, too low.

I would figure out why your first two mailers were unsuccessful. It could be a dozen different reasons why, maybe they were priced too low or maybe it’s just a numbers thing? More than half of my mailers flop. But once you figure out why, then send it out. I wouldn’t wait too long. The business cycle of this business can be long, from the time you submit the mail, till the time you sell a property and get paid, its going to take months. The mail alone seems like it takes forever. It takes a week for the mail house to process your mailer, then it takes 2-3 weeks for the mail to start hitting (if you send standard presort). Then people take a while to respond. So, once you get your mailer figured out, start sending mail on a regular basis. Because if you take a break, it will take forever for you to get your business back up and running.


@carolinajay Never stop mailing. Mailing takes time to build momentum. Once you stop it’ll take time to get going again. People may be to busy to respond this time of year but if they’re truly interested in selling they’ll hang on to your letter and call you at their earliest convenience.

@billwalker I had already made up my mind that I was going to send, unless, someone made a good case that this time of year may be the wrong time to send it out.

As far as my other mailers, I had good response rates, but couldn’t get any to take my low offer. Me not being, too, confident in what I’m finding for comps, isn’t helping, but I think I’ve been close enough not to raise the offer too much. Don’t want to take a lose on any, but, definitely not on my first one.

@jesse-m That’s what I’m thinking, too. They may not call until after Christmas, but, at least, they’ll have my postcard to remind them. It’s still people that call from the first two mailers. Everybody see’s their tax assessed value and believe they should, at least ,get that.

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