Disclaimer, or no disclaimer?

Who has seen positive results from including in your neutral letters that you can't pay full price? Has it improved your accepted offers? Has it quieted the angry responses? Or has it slowed things down?

I’ve always included some subtle wording about buying properties ‘at a discount’, to convey the idea that the offer won’t be full market value (there’s no sense in building up false expectations, as that will waste everyone’s time). If it does hurt the response rate (I’m not sure if I could prove it one way or another), that’s kind of the idea anyway... to not get responses from people who aren’t the kind of right seller.


If you are sending neutral letters (I am assuming postcards) then you are usually, or at least should be sending them to your buying site.

On my site form I have an option for what they want for sais property, and another with amount of market price they would be willing to accept (30%, 60% etc)

Also I have a box with how motivated they are.

I usually worry about responding the quickest to the ones that have "I need to sell now and will consider any offer"

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