Do you need DataTree in addition to LandSpeed?

hey everyone,

I’m new here. For those who use LandSpeed, do you really need DataTree as well in order to access property data and make informed purchase decisions? Thx so much and would love your insight.


@acarey98 Hi Aiden, I'm a Landspeed user, and no, a DataTree subscription is not required. I use AgentPro247 myself.


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Thx so much. Have you like LandSpeed so far and has it helped your land business? @tmiski

Hi @acarey98, as you become a more advanced investor, it's never a bad idea to have a subscription to a service like DataTree for research. That said, it is yet another subscription which can be a hard nut to swallow when you're just getting started. With LandSpeed, you don't need a DataTree subscription. You can order list from DataTree directly from within LandSpeed. These lists are already scrubbed to your exact specifications and formatted to work perfectly with LandSpeed. This will save you oodles of time spent procuring, scrubbing and formatting lists. Moreover, with LandSpeed, you only purchase a list when you need one. There is no monthly subscription for lists. Setup a call at

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I haven't used LandSpeed, but a service like DataTree, or whatever data plan you use, is a good resource to have on hand. It's not just about pulling lists, it's about having easy access to the property information you need.

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@hzonder That's great to hear. Can you use LandSpeed if you are a mobile home park investor (as that is a type of land investment as you rent out each lot)?

@acarey98 Hi Aidan,

To the degree the process is the same, you certainly can use LandSpeed. I think the process finding and evaluating mobile home parks is different than land so the due diligence will most likely be different.

@hzonder that’s great to hear. So what do you like about land investing personally over other types of real estate?