Does anyone have any tips on where to post land listings on Facebook Marketplace?

In the region that I am posting listings in, the only real estate section to post under is for housing/apartment rentals. I've been posting under the Classifieds section in the miscellaneous category, as that seems like the only logical place to post land for sale. Does anyone have any advice on the best place to post land for sale on FB marketplace?

Start joining all the local Buy / Sell / Trade groups in the property’s area and post in those. I see great results there. Plus people know it’s around them so they’re more likely to click on your ad.


@AFlanagan makes a great point in posting in buy and sell groups. I get great results form there as well. To add to this, make sure you're posting correctly. Images, watermarks, descriptions. I did an episode with REtipster and REI Conversion podcast guest @JustinM on this specifically as he knows a lot about FB property marketing. We literally have an exact template on how you should be posting. Also some other things to keep in mind about facebook marketing:

Here's a snippet of the handout from this episode that you can grab:

Hope this helps


@SeanWebster, Until Facebook changes categories again (and it will) we post to Miscellaneous as well. In my experience, there are very few people searching Facebook Marketplace for land for sale. They are more likely to see it in their feed within Marketplace. This means that setting up a system that will allow for consistent posting is more important than which categories. Using keywords within your post will also allow for those that are searching to find it more easily if they are in the wrong category.


I might as well drop this here as well, where @JustinM shares a TON of practical knowledge on the subject.

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I’d join specific groups and also post on Marketplace.

If you search for specific cities or states, you will find groups for every location.

For example below is Texas Land Group. There are also others for specific cities and regions.