Does anyone use Thumbtack to find local professionals? What has your experience been like?

Has anyone out there had success using Thumbtack to find and hire local professionals? I've heard from others in the past who have used the site for things like:

  • Property Pictures/Photos
  • Drone Videos and Photography
  • Local Contractors
  • Handyman Services

If you've ever used it, what did you use it for? Was it easy to find a good person and was the service worth the cost?

Is this a sustainable website you can use again and again to hire common jobs you need done in your real estate business?

Hey Seth,

I used it for the first time after a few days ago to find a drone photographer in Arizona, and wow! Really impressed with the upfront and competitive pricing and layout of the app. It is easy to message potential photographers and they got back to me within minutes. No more posting adds on craigslist and sorting through the riff-raff. And no more cumbersome back and forth emails.

Most photographers on the site have independent websites with a portfolio which I appreciated.

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@Greg-Morris that’s great to hear! Thanks for letting me know!

I've hired notaries through Thumbtack before and found some good people.

I know it can be used for a lot of different things, but I haven't used it enough to see results with anything else.

Hey Seth,

Yes, I hired a handyman during the sale of a recent flip to make some buyer inspection repairs for me. He did great for me on that house, really fair pricing, good quality. Unfortunately, we hired him for a few things on a second project, and it's like a switch flipped and it didn't end so great. With that said, I frequent Thumbtack even still, as well as Home Advisor. I think there are some solid options on there depending on what you're needing and the market.