Does REI Conversion Have a Promo Code?

Does anyone know if there’s a promo code for REIConversion land websites? Thanks!

Hey @achandler2013 ! Thanks for your interest for REI Conversion. It's not directly related to a "promo" code, but is there a specific plan you were considering?

@Jessey I'm looking at the Land Business plan.

@achandler2013 said:

@Jessey I'm looking at the Land Business plan.

Awesome! Sorry we don't have a promo code avail, but hope to see you around, Amanda.

@achandler2013 don’t let the lack of promo code stop you. It’s some of the best money you can spend on your business infrastructure.

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@retipsterseth yup agreed! I was just watching your videos on setting up the sites and didn't see a promo so thought I'd ask.


Is REIConversion a solid theme for a house buying site or would you recommend another WP theme for such a purpose?

@hmetzinger I'm unsure if many people here have used our sites for houses. But nonetheless, a lot of the successes and design elements from the land side have been brought over to the house sites. Feel free to book a no pressure tour/q+a here if you'd like! More than happy to answer your questions and address any concerns.

@Jessey Thanks Jessey, I scheduled a call with you for Friday.

I would welcome anyone else chiming in on this topic. Thank you.