Does the Pebble CRM Allow Integration of a Non-Pebble Website?

Can you integrate your own buying and selling sites into Pebble, or does it have to be built and hosted within their system for the CRM functionality?

@shavonbogan you don’t need to create a site with them to use the CRM functionality. I built our site on WP and they give the option to add the form to a site that’s not hosted by them.
We have full functionality in Pebble, just like you would get with a site hosted by them.

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@landdreamer, thanks for chiming in; that’s good to know! I honestly didn’t even know that.

@shavonbogan Kevin from Pebble here.

@landdreamer is correct. You can integrate Pebble with any website. Jessey would be happy to show you more on a demo. You can schedule one here:

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