Double closing in Georgia?

Does anyone have a closing attorney in Georgia that will do a double closing (or something similar). Primarily I am looking for one in Central Georgia but any Georgia location will work fine.

One attorney said “I spoke with my office manager and legally, we cannon close the sale until the deed for your purchase has been recorded.” Is this true?

Thanks everyone!

@cpettit88 I can’t speak to the legality of a double closing in GA, but this is a very common canned phrase you’ll hear from a lot of title companies that just don’t want to deal with the moving pieces of a double closing.

Knowing that that it’s not illegal in my state and I’ve heard closing agents tell me this, I wouldn’t settle. I would try calling at least 3 or 4 more closing attorneys to verify that this is the case.

Be sure to specify that there are no loans involved. Sometimes the whole “illegal” issue is actually tied to the mortgage industry regulations. If the closing agent can verify that there are no loans involved and both transactions are all cash, this may change things quite a bit.