Hello everyone! Have anyone bought vacant any kind of property in Arkansas? Where? How was it? Should I invest there? I’ve been checking things there but being very confused about areas and so….

@davbrausa Hi David, don’t know nothing about land in Arkansas, but i do know about getting past fear of failure. you’ve taken a critical step, which is asking for help. Some generic thoughts: look on the family of sites, landflip, etc to find investors with Arkansas properties. take a shot at contacting a few to see who’s willing to help you out. someone out there will share docs, process, jump on a zoom, etc to get you more comfortable with how things work in Arkansas, peculiarities, pitfalls, etc. As far as finding areas to invest in, what’s worked for me is contacting realtors through cold calling or recommendations from other investors. Have you 30 second pitch ready to go—1 out of 10 (rough idea to get the point across) will be invaluable. 3 of 10 will be helpful and the other 6 will be more work than it’s worth.


@sean-callahan thank you very much for the hint. I’ve been looking on lands in Arkansas but, checking areas that would be worthless or not to buy and etc. I’ll do what you advised me to do. I appreciate it!

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@davbrausa David,
I did a mailer years ago in a county and didn’t get any hits, but now I think I understand why. First, their are a lot of delinquent tax properties there(thousands),that are sold on the COSL daily so the mailer may have got ignored because the owners know they are 4-5 years behind on property tax. The other caution is there are also quite a few HOA/POA’s that cover multiple counties. These typically run about $50/month, but this is a big turn off for a lot of end user buyers.

@landbaron thats true. They also have a lot of land that starts at $50 bucks​:man_facepalming:. To be honest, I have some few dollars and I don’t know how to start and where to start! Afraid and very lost​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: