Due diligence worksheet for land deals?

So I remember Seth having a little excel spreadsheet somewhere that I used for a while when getting started to basically evaluate a property, input pertinenet info, link to comps and calculate an offer percentage price...

I am thinking of creating something I can copy and paste in info from my mailers or website submissions, and then research items like deed type, leins, legal description, comps range, flood zone, utilities, pretty much populate everything I would want to research before closing, which I can then use to email to my va for posting on my site/ etc.

Do any of you have a spreadsheet they use for this type of thing, or other similar tool? I am trying to avoid a tool that will cost me hundreds per month..

I've got a couple versions of this... neither of them are a masterpiece by any stretch, but they've helped me keep my thoughts and information organized on a per deal basis.

If you've got any suggestions for improvement, let me know!


Thanks @retipsterseth!

Agreed, this is incredibly helpful. Thank you!