Experiencing mail delays

I have recently sent out a high number of post cards, and I'm receiving little to no responses. I have had some callers calling me several weeks later and telling me they just received my mailing that day. In addition to that, I never received the card I mailed myself in one of the mailings. I run an additional business, and my clients keep telling me they never received my mail. I am not talking about 1 or 2 pieces, it's more like 50 to 100. (on my local mail). Is anyone else experiencing the same? I'll appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

@gary-sk I've experienced the same thing as of late. It seems to be a little unpredictable too. From what I've seen, not ALL mail is being delayed, just to/from certain locations, and of course, is hard to make sense of why.

I actually heard from several people who sent out mail in November and December and got absolutely no response on it. I even experienced the same thing during that same timeframe... but then come January, all the mail seemed to hit at once.

Not sure if the delays are still going on, but I think it was originally caused by the rush of holiday mail, along with COVID-related issues, along with all the mail-in election ballots (at least, that's one working theory).

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USPS got absolutely slammed by the combination of holiday mail, COVID effects on both their workforce and parcel volumes (record levels of online shopping), and probably to a lesser extent, mail-in ballots back in the Fall -- not to mention no small dose of mismanagement, I'm sure -- and in many areas they are still trying to dig out of the mess.

The area where I live was already served by one of the worst-performing USPS processing facilities in the country before COVID, supposedly, and their performance certainly hasn't gotten any better in recent months. We had a family member send us a package (containing perishable items) immediately after Thanksgiving via Priority Mail 2-Day service. We didn't receive it until just before New Year's. Seriously, 4 weeks to deliver a 2-Day package, from about 300 miles away for that matter, not the other side of the country.

I believe that as they try to catch up, bulk mail in particular is probably not their priority. I've been disappointed by the level of responses in my last two rounds of mailings, too. Hopefully we'll all be bombarded by seller responses in the Spring if USPS ever gets caught up.

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Thank you Seth and David. Was making sure I'm not alone on this one. I actually just got some returned mail that I sent out a month ago. Things are definitely not running as usual. I hope everything gets back on track soon, for all of us!