Facebook marketplace vs craigslist

So, I am selling in FB marketplace a lot recently. There are quite a few tire kickers...my standarn response for their first inquiry is "send me your email address".

I then email them and add to my buyers list.

How many of you are still actively advertising on craigalist? Also, how many are using zillow for vacant land deals?

@jawollbrink Craigslist has been working fine for me... but I know not everyone has been appreciative of it as FB has grown in influence.

Zillow has never been a huge source of actual sales, but they do happen occasionally. With how much traffic goes through that site and the fact that it’s free, there’s still a compelling enough case for posting listings there.

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If you can afford it, I know that Land.com and other land listing sites can get you some great leads from what I've heard.

Recently (literally the last month or so) I've also heard that Craigslist is providing some good source of leads. Last year, Craigslist seemed to have slammed down quite hard on a lot of land investors so many migrated away @jawollbrink

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I have used landsofamerica.com for many, many years in the last couple years they bought land and farm which is who I started with, and then they also bought landwatch . So if I post the listing and lands of America it goes also to those other two websites . But here's the catch listen to Seth podcast I'm really conflicted about dropping them and trying to just advertise and market for free . I just feel like I'm going to lose leads although I haven't really gotten as many as I thought I would from lands of America considering I’m paying $125 a month. According to my account rep I have a good price. I'd like to get some feedback from some other people here that don't pay for an advertising service . I've tried to factor this into my cells as far as how long the property has been on the market , but I have sold things relatively quickly on this site but sometimes I feel like they generate false leads because the people never respond back to you.

@retipsterseth I know this is an old thread, but I ran into an issue with Craigslist that I have not seen anyone else talk about. I live in Alabama, bought a property in Arizona. I’ve been trying to post it for sale in some Arizona Craigslist listings, but the post keeps getting removed. I’ve asked around, and the answer I’ve gotten so far is that you are not allowed to post something for sale in an area where you aren’t physically located. I had never heard of this before. Has anyone else ran into this, or know of a work around?

@priceresidential, that’s interesting. I’ve only posted / sold one property through CL so far, and this property happens to be in the same state as me, so I likely wouldn’t have run into the issue you did in this case.

If it was in fact your location that triggered the removal, I don’t know how practical it is, but I guess one potential work-around that comes to mind would be researching whether there are any VPN services that offer state-specific IP routing. So for anyone who doesn’t know, people outside the US who want to access US-based online video streaming services, for instance, sometimes use VPN services that route their traffic through a US server. I haven’t personally heard of any of those companies offering a state-specific equivalent (or encountered a need for one before now), but maybe such a thing exists.

One other equally imperfect suggestion might be to look for a local discount MLS listing company with offices in Arizona that I imagine might post your property on CL for you, if you asked them to. Obviously that one would cost you some kind of commission. I haven’t priced those services out myself, but think I had seen some of them (in states other than AZ) market their services for something around the 2% range, maybe? So maybe worth paying, depending on the value of the property, and considering they would get you onto the MLS as well.

Edited to add: one other oddball workaround that comes to mind would be to find someone online who is located in AZ and would be willing to post your listing for you for a minor fee. I don’t think there’s a way to filter contractors on Fiverr by state, and presumably you wouldn’t be able to post an ad seeking such a person on local Craigslist because of the same issue, but might be possible. I’ve never used Task Rabbit personally, but maybe it would work?

@dl7573 I have a Craigslist account for each of the markets I advertise in. You’ll need a second phone number to create another one, and each phone number can only be used to open a Craigslist account every six months. Get another number from Vumber if you need to get one. Hope that helps.

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Thanks @freesiapropco, tagging @PriceResidential to ensure he sees this helpful response too.

@dl7573 @freesiapropco thank you both for your response! Very helpful

@priceresidential I know this is an older post but was reading about CL and found a real simple work around for the “proximity” aspect of posting that does not involve a second phone line or VPN.

When you open CL at the top it has your current location, click on that, enter a new location and it will take you to that location page. Then click on “post” and then you will not have the location problem. I live in Miami and have posted many lots all over TX once I got to the bottom of this issue.

Not sure how successful I will be on leads but at least I cracked the CL code.

Cheers, Fred