FAQ recommendations

Hello! I am working on creating my FAQs. Which questions would you advise including?

@rjean what kind of real estate business are you running?

And what’s the purpose of this website? Is it for the buying side or the selling side of your business?

@retipsterseth Thanks so much for your reply! I am in your Land Investing Masterclass, working on setting up my buying site. I am very much a beginner, trying to get the foundation set before sending out postcards. :slight_smile:

@rjean cool! Way to take action on that. Here are some ideas for questions you could address.

  • What is {Company Name}? (this is where you explain what your company does)
  • What are the benefits of submitting my property?
  • When and how do I get paid for my property?
  • You sent me a purchase agreement. What is this?
  • What will you do with my property if you buy it?
  • If I sell to you, how much will I need to pay in closing costs?
  • How quickly will you make me your offer?
  • Is there a cost for your services?

If you ever notice that you’re getting similar questions again and again from the people who interact with you on the buying side, those can also give you some good ideas on what questions and answers ought to go on your buying website.

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@retipsterseth Fabulous! I really appreciate your help.

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