Filtering Tax Delinquent Amounts - for mailers purposes

I’m a new investor looking to send my first round of offers out. I received the tax delinquent list from my county. The list includes properties who are delinquent 0.01 up to the millions. My questions is, do I send mailers to individuals who are delinquent from 0.01 up to my investment amount? Or is it smarter to send mailers to prospects who are at least $100 delinquent? What minimum amount would you choose?

@tierwarm1 does it include an assessed or market value for each property (or a past sale price, or anything indicating its possible value)? The tax balance can definitely become too high once that balance plus your offer amount exceeds the total amount you’re willing to invest in the property.

It can be a tricky balance, but I’ve usually found that when a property is two years delinquent, the delinquent amount seems to be high enough that there is a lot more motivation, but not so high that the deals don’t make sense (in most cases).

If there’s a way to determine the number of years delinquent, you could limit it to not more than 1 - 2 years, and that might also do the trick.


@retipsterseth Thank you so much for responding. Just for clarification, If all I have is $3000 to invest, would it be ideal to look for prospects that are behind 2 years with a tax balance of 1000 or less. The assessed value is 10,000 and offer to purchase the land for $1000? If not, will you explain your first offer accepted offer when you started with $3000.

@tierwarm1 that’s almost exactly what I did. The only big difference worth noting was that I was sending out postcards, which meant I had an actual conversation with each prospect before I made an offer. This allowed me to gauge their level of motivation and make lower offers to people who basically told me they were happy to give their land away (i.e. - I didn’t stick to the cookie-cutter $1,000 to $10,000 ratio you mentioned).

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@tierwarm1 This conversation from a few weeks back may offer some insight for getting started with a delinquent tax list.

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@tylerd and @retipsterseth Thanks! this is very helpful.