FINALLY the right time

Seth and Jaren,

Thank you for all the resources and information you provide. I've been an avid listener to you, BiggerPockets, Tim Ferris, and many other podcast and YouTube channels for years. The irony of this is, I have worked in residential, commercial and industrial construction for almost 20 years. I've helped multitudes of investors make fortunes for themselves in building and selling spec homes and rentals. I've helped hundreds of prospective clients evaluate properties to identify pitfalls and costly mistakes, but for me to make a move in to real estate, it was never the "right time".

I'm a believer that you create the "right time", and that doesn't mean doing reckless things. From Scott Trench's guidance in "Set for Life", you make smart decisions, you eliminate consumer debt and create a financial runway. I have finally checked all the boxes of no debt, financial safety net and enough cash available to make a move in to real estate with out risking my family's comfort in life.

Right now I'm positioned to build a personal home and buy/ build an investment property in 2021. As I currently work for a home builder, I have the opportunity to build new homes at under retail. The housing market I'm in is sky high right now, so if I can use Land Investing strategy to find sub prime, below market value, build-able property and build an entry level home I have no doubts that I could either flip and net cash, or hold for cash flow.

The numbers don't lie, now it's time to get over fears of jumping off the edge and go for it!

If anyone on this forum has questions about new homes or evaluating property for construction, I absolutely love being able to use my expertise to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I'll answer the best I can.


@orbuilder thanks for the introduction! It's great to see you in the forum, and great to have another expert in the new construction realm. I actually might have some questions for you in the near future. :)

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@ORBuilder welcome to the community! I am also an agent, investor, and have been going through the course and looking to start investing in land. Most of my previous experience is in renovating for resale with a few buy and holds here and there. If you ever need anything in Georgia please let me know. Good luck!