Finding DOM (days on market) for a county or zip code?

Hey guys!
How do you find DOM data for a particular county/zip for free? This particular state is not covered by Redfin.


@imelbel what is DOM data?

@charlotteirwin days on market. I want to focus on areas where land is selling quickly. TIA!

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@imelbel you can find this pretty easily with Zillow. It won’t be the full average of the entire market, but you can see it very clearly with each individual property listing after you put in your search parameters:

If you want to see a higher-level view of what the average DOM is for all properties that show up in your search, you could do this pretty easily with something like PriceBoss. I’ve got a video showing how it works in this blog post.


@retipsterseth Thanks, Seth! I see that on Zillow. Wish there was a way to download that info, so I could get a precise average of days on market for a particular market. I will check out the blog you tagged here. Thanks again!

@imelbel Hi, you can search “Web Scraping” on YouTube, there will be tons of information pop up. Basically, it’s a process of using bots to extract data from a website. Many investors use this technique to extract and analyze data from Zillow and Redfin and pricing offers accordingly.

But beware things can become tricky if these websites detect your IP address when you extracting data from them. The result will be banning you from access to their website temporarily or permanently. To prevent this from happening, many people use VPN or Proxy server to hide their IP address. There are also other methods that can be used to prevent website discovering you.

Land Academy has some information on the subject and they use Web Harvey(their YT channel is called sysnucleus) to do the job.

I hope this helps.



@retipsterseth Hi Seth. When I attempt to use Zillow for this purpose, I am not seeing “days on zillow” am I missing something? Here is a screen shot.

@isaakberry Have you tried logging into your Zillow account?

@isaakberry that’s odd. I just tried it in a random zip code a few minutes ago and I’m still seeing it on my end.

When I try this in Sauk County, WI, I’m seeing the same thing, with no days on Zillow numbers. However, for what it’s worth, when I click to view only the “other listings” (FSBO listings that aren’t coming from the MLS), the days on Zillow number is showing for those.

I’m not sure if this is something that’s affecting all of Wisconsin or just certain counties there (I tried it in Door County, WI and I was able to see the numbers, but when I searched for ALL of Wisconsin, it wasn’t showing anything).

I have no idea why this data would be missing… seems like this would be a fairly easy thing for Zillow to report since it’s an internal number they would keep track of.

Anyway - if it’s not there, I’m not sure what you can do about it, other than try and do your best without the information. You could try some other listing websites like or LandWatch to see if they’re able to fill in any of these gaps for you as well. I’ve always just reverted to Zillow because they seem to make it easiest.

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@retipsterseth Thanks for looking into it. I did notice the same things, particularly when clicking “other listings”. I’ll work with the information that is available to me in that case. Glad to know it isn’t only on my end.

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