Finding out about debts

Hello everyone!

It’s me again wanting to learn more and more. A freshman still​:blush:. I’d like to know how you partner do to know if the property has mortgage/loan, lien or anything debt to it. Any type of app? I tried to call the Townhouses, Clerck office, Counties and they keep on pushing to the other​:confused::man_facepalming: Help me, again, please!

@davbrausa are you asking about how to do a title search to verify that the title history is clear? You can find a lot of information and videos on that in this blog post:

@retipsterseth the were others infos that I had and that blog helped me with! Thank you, Seth! The blog and the video are great. What I would like to know as well. The thing is, I’m planning to bid on a home/cottage but before I do, I’d like to know if there’s is any of those debts on it. These info s are mot available on the auction’s website.:man_facepalming::confused: