First accepted offer!

Just last week I sent out 5 hand picked blind offers, and received an accepted offer yesterday!! My mind is blown! I didn’t expect to hear back on anything until I got more letters out. The owner didn’t even know she owned the property until she received my letter (her deceased husband bought it long ago). It was apparently attached to a larger parcel that he sold in 2017, but this parcel wasn’t sold along with it. She lives out of town.

I went out to peek at the property (it is about 2 hours away), and found that despite it’s beauty it has a large driveway for the house next door right through the middle of the property. It is only .26 acres to begin with so this is a deal breaker. I think? It is surrounded by state recreation areas and official trail heads. Very close to a river and lake.

Adverse possession doesn’t take affect here for 10 years, and the property last sold in 2017. I’m not sure if the parcel using the driveway has alternate access. I am waiting to hear back from the county about whether this is a legal easement or not. It’s possible the adjacent neighbors think they own this parcel.

The land is worth 28k, I offered 7k.


Thanks everyone! :grin:

Update: There are no legal easements. When the previous owners owned the bigger adjacent property (my seller), they bought the .26 acre parcel from the county in 2008. Then they sold JUST the big parcel in 2017, forgetting it was separate from the little parcel.

I assume the driveway was already in place when the big parcel sold.

What do to? Walk away?

@rjean I would suggest reaching out to the adjacent owner that uses that driveway. Let them know that you are under contract to purchase the property. You will be listing it on the market soon, but wanted to give them an opportunity to buy it first. They may be willing to pay you $1k - $3k assignment fee to avoid the property hitting the market… put a little $$ in your pocket and gain experience negotiating and working a deal.

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