First Call Today!

She was angry because my offer was so low, but at least I know these mailers went where they were supposed to go! This was from a delinquent tax list in a county that could experience some growth in the near future. I offered 10% of market value. After the disaster that was my first mailer, I’m just happy this one actually hit some mailboxes!

@shanebpp alright! That’s always good to see some signs of life.

You might consider offering more than 10% of market value on your next shot. I mean… it’s always a case-by-case thing, but with the current market we’re in, it’s not very common for a 10% offer to get accepted (this kind of thing would work all day long back in 2011, but values and competition has gone up quite a bit since then).

These days, on a desirable property, 30% - 40% is still a pretty decent deal.

@retipsterseth I won’t go as low on the next round, thanks for the advice!

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