First signed PA!!

So excited to received my first signed PA today! I sent the signed purchase agreement to the title agent who is starting her process as well. This is my third mail campaign and it is exciting to see progress. Fingers crossed we can close quickly!

See you guys in office hours tomorrow!


Alright @imelbel! That’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

So excited to hear about the traction you’re getting. Keep it up!

Congratulations Melody!

I’m attempting to sign into office hours so hope to see you there.

Great work @imelbel!

@imelbel Congrats! What a feeling it is, indeed! I remember my first deal not too long ago.

You mentioned you’re hoping for a quick close. Did you not not set a closing date in your PA?

@imelbel oh you probably mean that you’re hoping it closes before the date that you set!

I’ve only closed a few deals to date but literally everyone has closed on the date in the contract - even when trying to be pushy with the title company. I’m sure most are just slammed right now.

@imelbel Congrats!!!

@jiniko Thanks!

@melody-rauber Congrats Melody!