Fixing all CAPS on mailer lists

Hi all,

In my very limited experience with Data Tree, I realized that most of the output is in all Caps, which is totally fine for the most part. In one of Seth’s videos, he mentioned it would be better to address a recipient as “Dear John” rather than “Dear JOHN”.

I’m new to the community so apologies if this tip was already shared but you can totally fix this in Excel with a cool function called PROPER(). If you use this function on your Mailing Names merged field, it will automatically capitalize the first letter and put the rest in lower case. For example, “JOHN SMITH” will become “John Smith”. This might make your mailers look more genuine and less mass-produced.

Hi, You can fix this on future lists you export from Data tree. when you export a list, there is an option on the lower left side to download the list in “all capital” or Upper/lowercase". It’s near the field where you click “remove duplicate owned”.


@gary-sk awesome! Thanks for sharing this!