flood plain LOMC-F

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I know flood plains are often discussed so I apologize if this has been covered. I have a un buildable property I’m going to buy for basically nothing. If I buy it I’m committing to fill it in , survey new elevation and submit proper FEMA LOMC-F form for approval. It seems like there’s no guarantee that FEMA will even approve the map revision request if I go through with all the work. Has anyone here done a LOMC map revision successfully ? Also , the property is partially in AE flood plain and water way. Only a portion of it can be filled in.


@ascheurer I don’t have any first-hand experience doing this, but I did talk with a guy (DJ McClure from National Flood Experts) who has a lot of experience re-classifying flood zones for properties like this. You might want to reach out to them.

Here’s a video explaining a bit of how it works:

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