Freedom Voice texting with all hyphens

Kind of a random question, but I’ve been getting some text via my phone provider (Freedom Voice) and the text is super short and has hyphens between all the words.

At first I thought it was some automated thing that I didn’t care about, but it turns out it is someone I mailed to.

Has anyone seen texting like that before? Is it from some sort of program?

Example of the text:

@dpkarels that’s strange. It looks like they’re mentioning whatever reference code or parcel number you included on your mail piece. You could probably use that to look them up from your original list and call them (at whatever number they’re texting from).

@retipsterseth Oh, yes I’ve done that and contacted them back, but all of their texts back look like this. I’m wondering if it is some sort of text to speech app or something. Or maybe they think the - is a space???

@dpkarels hmmm, yeah, it could be either of those. Hard to say for sure. At least there is some discernable information in there. Better than nothing, I suppose.