FreedomVoice vs OpenPhone: Which is Better?

Who is using OpenPhone? What are the differences from FreedomVoice? Is OpenPhone better suited for land investors?

@gcohen I've never heard of OpenPhone... but it looks like the price is pretty similar to FV, so that's a plus.

Some of the things I would look closely at are the following:

  • Is there a mobile app available? If so, is it rated 4 stars or higher?
  • Can you set up multiple numbers (including toll-free numbers) under one account?
  • Can you send AND receive faxes?
  • Can you send AND receive texts?
  • Can you set up extensions?
  • Can you forward calls to any other number?
  • Can you set up answering rules and hours of operation?

There are a lot of other bells and whistles that may or may not be available, but those are most of the biggies I would look for.

My biggest problem with FreedomVoice was their outdated interface, which felt really clunky and old. I really liked the price and functionality of it, but it looked like the thing hadn't been refreshed in at least a decade. This isn't necessarily a problem if you just use it for forwarding calls or taking voicemails (because you'll rarely have to get into it anyway), but it all depends on a person's business.

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@gcohen I am getting started this year as well. After looking at them all I think I am going to try OpenPhone as well. Let me know how your experience goes!