I own a unique investment property ( 2 unit) in a highly desirable area located in a very strong residential market of Upstate NY…This property will get a ton of interest when it hits the market. .Kinda semi retired so I have some time on my hands…I have bought/sold about 10 properties so I m pretty comfortable and confident in negotiation process…Im not excited of getting hit with a $20-25K commision fee to listed with an RE agent and have it sold…I am thinking of having an attorney draw up boiler plate purchase offer to give to perspective buyers upon showing…I am willing to pay attorney fees to have him/her for their services for the process. Am I missing something? Do attorneys work within these condition? …Thanks in advance for any and all suggested directions…

Hi, You can get a basic contract from any title company, hand that out to all interested buyers to fill out with their offer. Once you accept an offer you can have an attorney handle the rest of it. FYI, in many cases, if you use a good agent, they can be very good at jacking up the price during a bidding war and get you a price that’s well worth their commission.

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