Getting Started Questions

I’ve been a single and multi family property investor for sometime and came across the land flipping option and intrigued me with the simplicity. I would like to dip my toe to see this work. Everything I have learned though says to send 10k mailers…with blind offers or ranged offers. In my eyes…this isn’t dipping my toes that is more like diving in. I think if I can get a couple deals under my belt that it would make a lot more sense to dive in. I’m curious of opinions on here to my perspective. I’m sure I’m probably not the only one to have though this. I’m open to infill lots or 2-5 Acre properties… I think much more than that I would get into more complex strategies.

Open to your thoughts.


That’s a good observation. Years ago, it was easier to dip one’s toe into the water and find deals with a couple thousand mailers, maybe even less, but that’s much harder today if you’re relying strictly on direct mail and sending blind offers.

If you want to spend less money, you could try ringless voicemails, texting or cold calling. Seth even has a whole training about texting on his blog: Text Marketing 101 for Land Investors w/ Callan Faulkner

The process of getting your list is the same as with direct mail, with the exception that you’d have to skip trace each person on your list to get their phone number(s), which is an added cost.

Each of those alternatives will require more time and attention than direct mail will, but if your main objective is to spend less money, they could be worth a try.

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Thank you Sean! I’m ok with making less on my first deal or two…just trying to prove the model really. Once I see the process work I have no issues with dropping the cash on the mailers. I would honestly just hate to buy 10k mailers and then fumble my words through those leads…probably screwing up a few I’m sure.