Getting started. Strategy and Tactics outline

Hi there!

First time land investor here, but I’ve been studying the space for long enough that I’m ready to jump in and get it done.

I’ve purchased the land investing foundations course, and i’m working my way through the material right now. I’m going to spell out a lot in this post, and the purpose is to solicit any advice and warnings as I move forward at speed here.

First: My starting situation:

Location: Texas (DFW)
Education Resources: RE tipster foundations course
Financial resources: 500/mo cash from w2 available to invest, 150k available via heloc
Time resources: nights and weekends, maybe 2-4 hours available during the workweek

I was very inspired by three recent podcast episodes: Logan Fullmer (distressed title specialty), Joe Roberts (land caller and cold calling speciality), JB (realtor sale speciality)

Given my starting point, here’s the plan:

Set a contract with landcaller and target urban/suburban/exurban infill lots in Texas.

I’m pretty persuaded by the idea that many owners of property fit the demographic that answers phone calls and have landlines. Seniors who may or may not have cell phones and who discard much of their bulk mail. This also allows me to rely on landcaller’s ability to pull, scrub, and skip trace the list.

Infill lots have a couple of characteristics that I think are in line with my resources: They’re simpler to comp, they can be purchased with my available funds, and they can be marketed cleanly by realtors.

Once I have a few deals under my belt I’ll progress into specializing in properties with title issues.

This is where I’ll likely take Logan fullmer’s course and develop my relationships with local real estate law and title professionals.

Given my resources, I’d be interested to hear any advice or wisdom on whether this strategy looks like it makes sense.


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@rcoronado it sounds like you’re headed down a good path to me. Your presumptions about cold calling sound right too, however, you’ll never really know how well it will resonate until you give it a try and see what happens.

I’m also intrigued by the Logan Fullmer curative title approach. I want to try this too, but my concern is that there’s a lot more to learn than he’s letting on about it, not to mention all the differences in law from state to state. I’m sure there is some big money to be made in that niche, but I do wonder how confusing the maze is to get to the pot of gold at the end of each deal.