Glad to be a part of the Community

Hi everyone.

Glad to have another venue to chat about real estate. I'm not sure if you have many Canadians here, but i'm glad to represent The Great White North.

I look forward to sharing and learning from all of you.

@Sunrise_Buyers welcome to the forum! Canadians are always welcome here.

How’s the real estate market up in the great white north? Are housing prices on fire like they are in the US?

Welcome @sunrise_buyers! What part of Canada are you from?


I'm in Edmonton Alberta. The fastest way to describe the mid-west of Canada. On the Prairies. Fly over country. Its one of the few major cities in Canada where real estate has been dropping for several years. its nothing like Vancouver or Toronto where prices keep rising.

Our economy is largely driven by oil prices. So we have been down economically for several years. The other major city in Alberta is Calgary. Both have major universities but Calgary is more business oriented. Edmonton is the capital and more government focused. But in struggles opportunity emerges.

Glad to be here and made to feel welcome. I was upset because the border was closed this summer. We had an Idaho camping trip planned...that we had to cancel.

Oh, I know that place, a very beautiful one. On of friends is also living in that region, and I have been there a few times, about 2 years ago. He is also working in the real estate industry, and launched his own company recently. It was hard from the start, finding the right people, managing all the processes, and stuff like this, was very exhausting. The things changed when he got an IT department, with people working and collaborating with Sphere IT. This was like the most important which he made, and the company is constantly growing.

@evaunittwo welcome fellow foreigner! (more foreigner than you though… Italian😁)