Glad to be here, 2 years in this business but high time we connect with the community.

Pleased to meet everyone!

Just joined the master class. I was turned on to the land business just over 2 years ago by my boss Andrew Browne who has funded and founded our small business called Browne Real Estate (Vacant Land Bargains is our selling brand) and I have had the opportunity to build our system and learn and grow as an operator.

We’ve had ups and downs but our biggest flaw is we really hadn’t found a tribe or community to connect with we’ve been fairly isolated. In some aspects I have lessons to share but I know that we have a ton more to learn as we haven’t been very consistent in this time. We’ve made about 200k profit in under 3 years but with quarters of loss, bad buys, and way too much speculation we’re looking for answers to fix that and be more consistent.

Our advantage is that is our owner is a software guy who is building tools that have made mailing and pricing easier as well as that we have had self funding from the start but we’d like to be prepared for when we get those deals and our cash is tied up.

My goal is to engage with you guys on a regular basis and not ever stopping that, this feels like the right place to be.



@brendanch welcome to the community!

@brendanch welcome and thanks for the great advice you’ve given!