Go-to land inspection service?

Anyone know of any service where you can send someone to go walk the property before purchase to make sure there are no major surprises?

I’ve heard others recommend wegolook.com. I’ve never used them myself though. This link might be helpful. https://wegolook.com/products/standard-looks

@burgerking089 check out this blog post: https://retipster.com/job-posting-template-real-estate-photographer/

You could also try finding someone on Thumbtack

@burgerking089, along the lines of Seth’s blog post, I had a local drone photo/videographer reach out to me in response to a listing I put up on FB Marketplace and Craigslist, and he offered an optional add-on service of walking the property, noting any significant characteristics (e.g., general sense of terrain, standing water, etc.). I’m not sure if it’s the same guy I used, but I noticed that my local Craigslist real estate section is full of posts by a local drone photographer offering their services for sellers, so it might be worth checking there in your market.

Thank you all for your feedbacks! I’ll give them a try and report back.

Craigslist Gig, $50 Flat, You will get a bunch of responses.

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@burgerking089 It would seem to me you might want more services than a “craigslist” contact would supply. Someone who can contact local well drillers on cost of a well. Land clearing contractor on cost to clear or put in a driveway. Timber marketers on timber. Most of these a contractor would look at in the hopes of landing work. Heck I would in Northwest Washington State. One of these might be your buyer!