Greetings from Detroit

Hi, I’m Amy. I live in Detroit.

I’m currently house hacking with my first investment property. With land flipping, I’m looking to do some smaller deals after I work through the course material. In the past year I’ve learned firsthand how important it is to be able to leverage assets with a commercial renovation project.

I’m really glad to have found this resource on land flipping. I heard about land flipping a few weeks back when I was working in the garage on my broken down Jeep and listening to a Zoom call with theLandGeek guy. He did a good job convincing me of the merits of landflipping, so I read his book and Beaux Blast’s book.

The main thing I have found that makes learning easier is having access to people who are doing it. Accessing an REIA was a game-changer for me, so I hope this will be similar. I’ve not been disappointed at all so far… the material is really good and doesn’t feel like someone is just trying to sell me add-ons. I feel like I’m learning something that will change my situation.

Looking forward to interacting with you all.


Hi @arlaurin - welcome to the forum! It’s great to see another Michigander here. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you discovered the land space. It’s been a huge opportunity for many of us in the community and I’m sure it will be for you too.

Feel free to post any questions you have while figuring things out. Chances are, we’ve all dealt with many of the same things at one point or another.