Hi Everyone! I am a new member of the RETipster Club and already looking forward to the first land-flipping deal. The setup is nearly done, and I will send out my first mailers next month. I will try to manage the whole business outside of the US (Germany atm). If anyone is doing the same, I would love to connect and share some experiences! :slight_smile:

A general question: With inflation and some people speaking about a recession at the end of the year / next year, is this a good moment to start with land-flipping and find some good deals or not? Would love to hear what you think!

@niclas-hk, welcome to the forum! Great to hear about your progress so far.

As for working outside the US, I know @Arturo is in Italy; he may be able to shed some light on how he’s making it work.

As for the timing, there are always opportunities out there, but I do think this is a very interesting period where the insane appreciation we’ve seen over the past 2 years is slowing down a lot. There are still plenty of deals to be found and plenty of money to be made, but it’s probably a good idea to stay conservative in the offers you make.

This is frankly how I’ve always been (even to my detriment), so this should come through in the course material. I only point it out because, over the past couple of years, it’s been okay to make uncomfortably high offers because the values were always rising to keep up with it… but that is slowing down a bit now. It may take some time for all landowners nationwide to recognize this slowdown (and thus, get back to the mode of accepting appropriately low offers), but I think it’s already starting to catch on.

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@niclas-hk hi there and welcome! As @retipsterseth mentioned, I am 100% Italian (currently living in Italy but when I started - 1 year and half ago - I was living in Turkey). Feel free to send a dm to me on facebook (Arturo Paturzo) or send an email to [email protected] for any questions that you may have .


@arturo Hi Arturo, I just wrote you on facebook. :slight_smile: