Hallo to everybody in here

I would like to simple Intriduce myself .I am Shawn M Maphosa ,19 years if age, currently studying Pharmacy first year student and second semester .I don’t have much of knowledge in real estate or should I say I have zero knowledge but I have been much interested in it for quite a few years.

My reason of being here are to Gain knowledge and prepare myself for the future (as someone who would like to own or invest in future )

Thank you all .I look forward and appreciate the help I will get on this Forum

@maps07 welcome to the forum!

@maps07 Man, I wish I had access to something like this when I was 19. It’s great that you’re starting early.

@suitedconnector Thank you ,I hope I will manage to pull it up

@retipsterseth Hallo Mr Seth ,I wanted ask if there are any book recommendations for a new bae like me .Preferably the ones I can Find online ??

@maps07 you bet! I’ve got a couple of blog posts about that. You can see them here:

20 Books That Changed My Life
10 Incredible Audiobooks That Will Revolutionize Your Life

I hope those ideas help!