Has anyone purchased any parcels completely in a body of water?

Just curious. I see these types of parcels all the time in lakes that appear to have been around a long time (suggesting someone purposefully purchased the parcel). Can anything creative be done with these properties, like selling lake access to a homeowner, or are they more or less junk parcels?

Why would you call a parcel on a lake be a junk parcel? Sounds like a nice property to me!

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Maybe I didn’t articulate well enough. The property does not touch land whatsoever. Many I see are off the shore by at least 10’ (guessing here) and the owners don’t own any houses near the parcel. Wondering what someone’s thought would be behind purchasing a parcel in such an unusable spot.

No physical land, even within the parcel. Just straight water.

Hi! I saw this question in one of my emails notifications. Although I have absolutely no experience in water parcels, I will take a stab at this just to bring the experts in.

Before considering this, I would have to take a heavy look at easement and access to this parcel. If there is no easement or way to get in and out of this parcel without having to endure headaches such as docking policies, waterfront owners, etc, I WOULD PASS IMMEDIATELY.

However, the only ideas of using this parcel that I can really think of would be kite surfing lessons, jet ski lessons, boat testing, etc… none in my area of expertise (I’m from Energy and Utilities).

I’m looking forward to the other chime ins. Also, Please let me know if I’m off base and incorrectly understanding your question.


Additionally, the availability of fish and crustaceans (I’m from East Texas) would play a factor. However, in that instance, I’d have to link with a fish or canning company to see how I would move forward with that

Yeah this is the type of answer I was looking to get. My initial thought was maybe boat ramp access for rec fishing.

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If it was a salt water parcel, on a bay or tidal area, I’d be interested in having a look.

I can’t readily think of a good application for a parcel like that in a lake though.

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Hello Matthew, I once received a signed purchase agreement for a parcel of land that was at the bottom of a lake! Apparently a Dam hand been constructed and many properties were flooded to make way for a hydroelectric damn. Needless ti say we passed on that one! lol


Haha yeah I’d say you made the right call. Surprising the county didn’t just take ownership in some kind of imminent domain situation.