Has anyone tried Lotnetwork.com to sell their land?

I was wondering if anyone has tried lotnetwork.com to sell their land. I have some land under contract that is taking a while to sell and I’m looking for other places to list it. Lotnetwork.com charges $19.95 per listing or $39.95 to post unlimited listings. How does this cost compare to other sites that charge to post?

@jonesmatr I haven’t heard of it until now. That doesn’t mean it won’t sell there… but given that there are several free sites with much more proven traffic and results, I probably wouldn’t expect anything big from a paid listing here.

If you end up doing it and it works well, drop back here and let us know! It’s always good to know of other land listing platforms that work.

@retipsterseth thanks, Seth. I’m also a realtor and have the ability to list on the MLS but I find with land it needs a lot more exposure. I also list on Facebook and Craigslist but they only seem to get limited responses. I post in Facebook group and those seem to help but I’m always looking for other sites.

@jonesmatr yeah, I hear you. Land is a bit of a strange animal in the real estate space. Sometimes CL and FB work great and sometimes you’ll just hear crickets for a while.

Having MLS access is actually a huge advantage because many buyers will only look there and nowhere else. If you can find any land specialized agents through your Realtor connections, that could be worth a lot too. Often, they’ll know of land buyers that want your property (e.g. - builders, developers, etc.) but just don’t know how to find it.

@retipsterseth yeah, because I mainly focus on land I have been connecting with a bunch of local agents that also specialize in land. It’s but helpful but I have one property under contract right now that been difficult to move. It’s listed on a bunch of sites and Facebook groups but not takers. It is a larger lot (84 AC) but only about 40 of those are buildable due to topography. The seller knows I’m looking to wholesale and she’s ok with that but I think she might need to come down on the price. I don’t have it listed on the MLS because she doesn’t want to go that route just yet. That will be my next recommendation to her. I have sent out neighbor letters as well and still haven’t had any luck. Any other suggestions you might have?