Hassle free flat rate MLS listing services?

I do a lot of Options to sell with owners. I have a basic option contract with a POA to market and show the property built in.

I was using “list with freedom” flat fee MLS service, but they came back with all kinds of extra requests since I was not the outright owner using them. They wanted things like copies of the owners driver’s licenses and for me to sign a new POA form with the owners, etc.

this was way too much of a hassle and I didn’t want to bother the owners with it.

Does anyone have experience or know of a few good flat listing MLS services that are easy to work with (if you’re the option contract holder trying to list)? I’ve got no problem supplying them with a copy of the option contract, etc. but as far as jumping through all these other hoops, it’s alot.

Try Beycome the Purchase agreement must say you can post on MLS.
They will ask for your drivers licenses not the sellers.
I have good luck with them