Having trouble deciding which state to get started in.

Hello all. I’m very new to the land investing idea, yet motivated and eager to get started. I have found some pretty solid information on how to select counties, however, I just can’t find much direction on which state to begin with. Is there a trick when choosing? As of now, I’m only looking for small deals to gain experience. Does anyone have a preferred method of weeding out the states that are just not worth dealing with as a beginner? I know this is the most basic of questions. I figured I may as well make it my first post.

@tjhearns Part of your answer is in the question. You need to target places that have properties selling for inexpensive prices. (Whatever that is to you)

Other than that you probably want to select an area where property is easy or at least not difficult to sell. Is there a lot for sale and how long has it been for sale? (Competition) Are there a lot of recent sales? (There must be buyers)


You might consider starting in the state where you live. That way, you might be more familiar with the geography, the towns, the laws, etc.