Heads Up: AgentPro247 Going Away

Hi, Im a fairly new member to REtipster, doing the usual new member stuff; reading up on all the info, getting my nerves up to dip my toes into the water, etc.

I had briefly looked at AgentPro247 a few weeks ago, checking out the subscription options, but didnt sign up as I wasnt sure what to choose just yet. Well, earlier this week I decided to sign up and just start playing with the software, figure it out as I go, except the sign up page was no longer valid.

I sent an email to customer support asking about it and they notified me AgentPro247 is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2022.

I had not seen this information anywhere else, so figured I would give everyone here, new and old, a heads up.


@jtx thanks for posting this here! This has been talked bout a bit in our FB group and in our private forum for the land investing masterclass, but I don’t believe the announcement was ever made here on the public forum.

It is a little sad for me… not because I rely on AP247 much these days, but there’s a lot of nostalgia behind it. It played a MAJOR role for a lot of people’s land businesses (and otherwise) before DataTree became the gold standard.

I do think it’s good to have a secondary source of data (if a person can fit it into their budget), just in case the data from source #1 doesn’t seem to check out. It’s nice to have a completely separate database to work from.

I’ve been hearing a lot about PropStream over the past year or so… perhaps that’s one to check out? I’m hoping to do a review on them at some point in 2022, just to help others be aware of what it has to offer.

@retipsterseth I’d love to see a PropStream review, Seth - especially how it compares to Pryced, or even if it would be considered an apples to apples comparison.

@luckypup you can see all I’ve got on both of those in the videos below (it’s a lot… you’ll probably want to take a day off of work to watch all this stuff, haha):

@retipsterseth Thanks! Shoulda known you were already on this!

@jtx Looks like it has been replaced with https://www.sitexpro.com/

My account quit working a few days ago and I called and they said Sitexpro.com is the replacement. I was mainly using it for the mapping feature for one county and that part still works for free if you set up an account.