Hello from East Coast

Hi guys, I’m new to land investing but not to real estate. I’ve been a buy-and-hold investor for small multi-families (1-4 units) since 2015. Upon watching Seth’s podcasts I’ve realized that land for the most part is a blue ocean compared to what I’ve already been doing so I bought the course, hoping that it would synergize well with my existing knowledge of building, rehabbing, and renting.

My hope is to find some attractively priced land using the skills from the course for my own projects. In particular, I’m hoping to build some self-storage and maybe an apartment building or two.

I currently invest part-time and write software for a living, and my goal is to turn this side hustle into a full-blown business that can support my family. I’ve started by writing an analytics web app (investomation.com), mainly because understanding the differences between different neighborhoods in each city has been my initial sticking point when I got started. I hope to make the offering more complete as I gain more in-depth understanding of other investing strategies.

My ultimate goal is to create a turnkey-style business, where I research areas using the platform I’ve already built, buy land, zone it and develop small multi-families that I already know how to manage, hold some for myself and sell some to people with busy lives who want to get into real estate while outsourcing the headaches to someone else.

@investomation welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story.