Hello from Georgia

Hey everyone! Happy to be here. Just wanted to say hello and that I reached a milestone yesterday… my first mailer went out… fingers crossed. Excited for the journey ahead and look forward to learning from all of you. If you are looking for a connection in Georgia or have any advice about the South East, don’t be afraid to reach out.

@cpettit88 welcome to the community!

Getting your first campaign out is a BIG first step. I commend you on getting this far. This is where the real-world lessons really begin!

Thanks @retipsterseth . I’ve been following your modules step-by-step so far. Funny how this first step brings an equal amount of anticipated BIG success and almost comedic failure. No matter the result, I’ll let you know and be seeking advice of how to tweak and keep driving forward. Thanks again for the welcome.

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@cpettit88 Welcome!

@cpettit88 congrats! you’re further along than us.
happy holidays!

@cpettit88 I’m currently stationed in Georgia too. Did you send your first mailing campaign in Georgia? I’ve never invested in land in Georgia, so I’ll be curious to hear your feedback

@cpettit88 Hi there! I’m actually planning to start a campaign in GA soon. I’d be happy to be in touch. My email is [email protected], feel free to shoot an email there anytime and for anything.
Best of luck!