Hello from Land Investor and Bookkeeper

My name is Karley Welty and I’m a new land investor. I just got home from the REWBCON conference where I got to meet Seth in person as well as some really other amazing real estate investors. I just bought Seth’s course and I’m excited to dive in. I also own my own bookkeeping business which specializes in realtors and real estate investors. I would love to answer any bookkeeping questions anyone might have or help with monthly bookkeeping! Looking forward to joining this community!

Hey @karleywelty, welcome to the forum! It was great meeting you this past week. I’m glad you were able to make it to the conference and our meetup as well!

I’ll go ahead and post your website here in case anyone out there is looking for an accountant/bookkeeper with an understanding of the land business (there aren’t many of them out there).

@retipsterseth thanks for adding my website! I appreciate it!