Hello from Southern California!

Hi everyone. Brand new here. I work in Healthcare but have always been interested in Real Estate. No previous experience in RE whatsoever, aside from being a homeowner 4x. Any tips for the super new newbies like me? Is it a good idea to get a realtor license first? I’m hoping to get my first land purchase soon. Currently checking the county’s delinquent lists in my area. Have not sent out any mailers. Just wanted to get my feet wet first (buy cheap land, sell that land for much higher).

Any tips would be appreciated.

@sg hi there! Semi-newbie here too (started in April last year), not even American and living on the other side of the Ocean (Italian), this just to say: when I started EVERYTHING was new, so I totally feel you :grin: .
You don’t need a real estate license to invest in Land and I think is not even going to help (maybe - just maybe - it could be more useful if you were considering to flip houses). Being relatively new myself I let the others provide the most appropriate advice for you. the only thing I feel to suggest is START SMALL, DREAM BIG, SCALE FAST (taken from a land podcast, but it’s kind of mantra for my business). Good luck Sheryll!

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Welcome @sg! I would skip the real estate license. Unless you’re planning to sell property that you don’t own on behalf of someone else, it’s not worth it IMO.