Hello (land investing) world

Hi, I'm Max! I am not new to real estate investing, but am new to investing in land. Completing Seth's course and getting our first land deal is my goal for 1H2021. I've actually known about Seth since 2013! His Bigger Pockets episode (#39) was the first time real estate wholesaling finally "made sense". Something about the way he described purchasing raw land made it click for me. We didn't follow through on Seth's method for land, instead we tried the buy-and-hold approach to small multifamily with mostly positive results. However, we're now ready for a more hands-on approach to the business and don't want to deal directly with tenants, toilets, and the like. After taking the long way 'round, we're back to Seth and going to give land a whirl. Can't wait to dive in!

Welcome Max! @landholders,

Glad to have you join the community and best of luck in your land endeavor!

Welcome to the forum @landholders! Good to have a veteran follower around here. :)

Feel free to post your questions here as they come up (because they definitely well). I'm sure we can all help out as you're jumping into the land biz!