Hi everyone,

New to this Retipster community, just go started with Seth’s course and liking it a lot so far. Trying to be patient and set the proper groundwork before actually seeking deals, which means reigning in a lot of enthusiasm.
Hope to see you around and collaborate as much as possible to help each other out accomplish their personal goals.

Phoenix, AZ

Welcome @jerryreyes!

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@lindah thank you!
Interested to hear where some of the people in the community are from… I imagine it’s a wide spread

Welcome @jerryreyes! Don’t lose your enthusiasm, you’ll need it!

Seriously though, one accepted PA and any lost excitement will come roaring back pretty quickly.

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@donyost thank you for the encouragement and advice!

Welcome, @jerryreyes! Glad you made it to the forum!

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@retipsterseth thank you, Seth! See you around :blush: