Friends, I’m very new to the business and very withdrawn, afraid of “shooting in the dark” and lose money. What advices would you people offer me. Warnings and etc. What should I start with? I have little less than $5000 and need to make some money asap… I’ve tried some other but didn’t work. I will appreciate your concern and willingness to help me…:confused::confused::confused:

@davbrausa Have you enrolled in a course? I think investing in yourself is a good way to begin. Then use your new knowledge to create your first mailer and you won’t be shooting into the dark. Good luck to you!

@davbrausa I agree with Ann. I would definitely buy Seth’s Land Investing Masterclass course and follow it very closely. It will give you such a good education, and plenty of actionable steps to help you be successful. If you have any questions along the way, you can feel free to ask the community, or ask Seth himself on his monthly calls.

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@elenakinny I agree with both of you but like I said, only have around $5000. It’s not enough invest and do the excellent course. It’s a shame. I know.:confused::blush:

@landfam thank you very much! Not very much knowledge but I’ll see….:confused: